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FieldServer Modbus Plus Gateway

Modbus Plus, Ethernet GatewayMultiport Serial and Ethernet to Modbus Plus


A 10-serial, 2-Ethernet port, 1-Modbus Plus protocol translator gateway enables data transfer between serial, Ethernet and Modbus Plus protocols. An extensive library of drivers provides easy interoperability between a variety of devices used in process control and building automation industries.

Modbus Plus, Ethernet GatewayThe FieldServer is a protocol translator/gateway which enables devices using one protocol to communicate with devices using another protocol. An example is a PLC using one protocol needing to supply alarm information to a DCS using Modbus Plus. In a single, comprehensive package the FieldServer provides the hardware and software necessary for this translation. The FS-B4019 Series includes eight RS-232 ports, two RS-485 ports, two Ethernet (10BaseT) ports, and one single-port Modbus Plus port to interface to the devices. All the necessary software and instructions for configuration are supplied with the FieldServer. FieldServer Technologies also offers fee based configuration services. Besides Modbus Plus, FieldServers are available for various fieldbuses.