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Simplex 4100 Computer Port Protocol FieldServer Driver

SimplexGrinnellFieldServer Driver - Serial

A communications interface solution for SimplexGrinnell


The SimplexGrinnell 4100 Protocol driver enables the user to easily interface SimplexGrinnell 4100 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels to building automation systems utilizing BACnet, LonWorks, JCI Metasys, Modbus and more. The SimplexGrinnell 4100 driver is a capable of parsing and storing information sent by a panel in the form of unsolicited messages which are typically generated when there is a state change in the panel or one of the connected devices. The driver is also capable of polling for point and SimplexGrinnell 4100 Fire Alarm Control Panel status data and some additional data such a the panel’s time and revision information. In addition the SimplexGrinnell 4100 driver is capable of setting some control points in the panel – acknowledging and resetting alarms and writing data (where permitted) to some analog and discrete points. The protocol is a node-less protocol. This means that messages do not contain information about the source or destination address. A consequence of this is that only one 4100 device can be connected to each port of the FieldServer.

Formal Driver Type: Serial, Client only

Connection type: RS-232 (or RS-485 with converter) (Two-wire, Half-Duplex)

Devices Tested:

  • SimplexGrinnell 4020 Fire Alarm Panel