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Notifier Onyx NFS-640

Notifier FieldServer Driver - Serial

A communications interface solution for Notifier


The Notifier NFS-640, Notifier NFS2-640, Notifier NFS-320 Protocol driver enables the user to easily interface Notifier NFS-640, NFS2-640 and NFS-320 Fire Alarm Control Panels to building automation systems utilizing BACnet, LonWorks, JCI Metasys, Modbus and more.The Notifier Onyx NFS-640, NFS2-640 and NFS-320 protocol driver allows the FieldServer to record data from the Notifier Fire Alarm Control Panels over RS-232. The FieldServer primarily acts as a Passive Client receiving messages and updating the status of a Notifier Fire Alarm Panel. The main purpose of this driver is to record the status of Fire Alarm System detectors and Modules in a bit oriented data array.

Formal Driver Type: Serial, Client Only

Connection type: RS-232 (or RS-485 with converter)

Connection Notes: The Notifier Onyx NFS-640, NFS2-640 and NFS-320 protocol is node-less. This means that the messages do not identify the panel of origin. Therefore only one panel can be connected to each FieldServer serial port.

Devices Tested:

  • Notifier Onyx NFS-640 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Note: FieldServer Technologies also has the Notifier Onyx NFS-640 driver that is used for NFS-640 panels that utilize the Spanish fireware as sold in Mexico. For information about this driver, select the noted data sheet in the righthand column.

LonWorks is a registered trademark of Echelon Corp.
Metasys is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls Inc.