LonWorks Gateways, Converters, & Protocols

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LonWorks to BACnet Gateways & Converters

QuickServer LonWorks BACnet/IPQuickServer LonWorks to BACnet/IP Gateway - Cost effective, easy-to-use LonMark Certified gateway to interface LonWorks and BACnet IP. LonWorks device can be used with explicit and/or implicit addressing and can be bound to a maximum of 15 other LonWorks nodes. The QuickServer can handle a maximum of 250 explicitly addressed nodes. The QuickServer currently supports a default of 63 network variable aliases to avoid network variable connection constraints. BACnet COV support for fast data communication while reducing traffic over a BACnet network. QuickServer supports multiple BACnet data types.

QuickServer LonWorks to BACnet MS/TP Gateway - Proven, cost-effective, LonMark Certified gateway interfacing LonWorks and BACnet MS/TP. Able to interface up to 250 points (500 points with enhanced model) with multi-configuration capability. LonWorks device can be used with explicit and/or implicit addressing and can be bound to a maximum of 15 other LonWorks nodes. QuickServer can transfer data (Network Variables) in two ways, 1) it can poll other devices at a regular interval or 2) can send Network Variable Updates at a regular interval, when data has changed, or, in throttled mode using maximum and minimum sen time and change on delta parameters. QuickServer can be configured by Network Management Tools such as LonMaker. For binding (implicit mode), a Network Management Tool is necessary to create the bindings.

LonWorks to Modbus Gateways & Converters

FS-B35 Series FieldServer LonWorks to Modbus TCP - A multiport, high-capacity, feature-rich, proven LonMark Certified gateway handling up to 1000 points in the basic configuration with LonWorks GatewayLonworks port plus multiple serial and Ethernet ports. LonWorks data transfer is via two basic functional blocks, Input and Output allowing Float and Word SNVT data types. The FS-B35 series can handle up to 4096 Network Variables which can be LonWorks Standard Network Variable Types (SNVT) and/or User-defined Network Variable Types (UNVT). Can be used with LonWorks explicit and/or implicit addressing and can be bound with up to 15 other LonWorks nodes.

LonWorks to KNX Gateway & Converter

QuickServer is a proven, cost effective gateway interfacing KNX and LonWorks. It can be used with explicit and/or implicit addressing and can be bound to a maximum of 15 other LonWorks nodes. This KNX device can handle a maximum of 500 explicitly addressed nodes. LonWorks data transfer is via two basic functional blocks, Input and Output, allowing Float and Word SNVT data types.

FieldServer Technologies' Commitment to LonWorks

As one of the first manufacturer's of LonWorks gateways, linking LonWorks to over 100 unique protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, SNMP, Metasys N2 by JCI and more, FieldServer Technologies has been very committed to the LonWorks world since the 1990s, with ongoing updates to our LonWorks driver and support of our customers. FieldServer's commitment is demonstrated by:LonWorks

  • Member of LonMark International
  • Current have 10 LonMark Certified gateways and others in progress
  • Utilze the newest 5000 Neuron chip in our products
  • Provides gateways that can handle more LonWorks than any other, up to 4096 network variables on the FS-B35XX
  • Only gateway manufacturer to include SCPTs Configuration Points
  • Supports SNVTs, UNVTs, SCPTs, and UCPTs
  • The new LonWorks-KNX QuickServer Gateway can internally handle KNX interface
  • Largest driver library in the industry, interfacing LonWorks to over 100 other protocols

FieldServer technology enables communication between machines and devices that use non-compatible data protocols, and FieldServers can be found in industrial plants and commercial buildings around the world. Contact Us to learn more about FieldServer solutions.

Applications using FieldServer LonWorks solutions :

LonMark Product Certification

LonWorksLonMark International is the recognized authority for certification, education, and promotion of interoperability standards for the benefit of manufacturers, integrators and end users. LonMark International has developed extensive product certification standards and tests to provide the integrator and user with confidence that products from multiple manufacturers work together. FieldServer Technologies has more LonMark Certified gateways than any other gateway manufacturer, including the ProtoCessor, ProtoCarrier and ProtoNode for OEM applications and the full featured, configurable gateways including the QuickServer, FS-B2011,and the FS-B3510. For more information about LonMark Certified Products, check out the LonMark International Product Certification Directory.

LonWorks Protocol

LonWorks is a protocol developed by Echelon Corporation for manufacturers who wish to use an open protocol with off-the-shelf chips, operating systems, and parts to build products that feature improved reliability, flexibility, system cost, and performance. LonWorks technology is accelerating the trend away from proprietary control schemes and centralized systems by providing interoperability, robust technology, faster development, and scale economies.

A major goal of LonWorks is to give developers, from the same or different companies, the ability to design products that will be able to interact with one another. The LonWorks protocol provides a common applications framework that ensures interoperability using powerful concepts called network variables and Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs).

In LonWorks Communication between nodes on a network takes place using the network variables that are defined in each node. The product developer defines the network variables when the application program is created as part of the Application layer of the protocol. Network variables are shared by multiple nodes.

The use of Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs) contributes to the interoperability of LONWORKS products from different manufacturers. If all manufacturers use this variable type in their application when a network variable for continuous level is defined, any device reading a continuous level can communicate with other devices on the network that may be using the variable as a sensor output to initiate an actuator.


LonWorks Protocol Solutions from FieldServer Technologies

AN005 -- Applying FieldServers in Building Automation Applications


LonMark International - An worldwide association of developers of LonWorks devices in a wide range of industries. The Association provides an open forum for member companies to work together on marketing and technical programs to promote the availability of open interoperable control devices. Aslo certifies LonWork compatible devices.

LonMark Americas - A regional organization created to promote the success of its members through education and advocacy of open systems.

Echelon Corporation: LonWorks Overview - Echelon Corporation, the developer of the LonWorks protocol provides an overview of the protocol

LonWorks is a trademark of Echelon Corporation registered in the United States and other countries