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TAC I/Net 2000 FieldServer Driver

TAC I/NetFieldServer Driver - Serial

A communications interface solution for TAC


The TAC I/Net 2000 protocol driver is available as a client and a server. The client can poll MR devices on a MR LAN. The server can emulate MR devices on a MR LAN. The client and server drivers both support quick polling. Quick polling refers to the ability to only report changed data whereas normal polling reports all data irrespective of changes. The drivers support the basic TAC I/Net data points. Data may be collected and stored in any combinations of input and output points making it easier to move data around. Only the specified TAC I/Net type data will be stored.

Formal Driver Type: Serial, Client or Server

Connection type: RS-485

Devices Tested:

  • TAC I/NET 7793