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Simplex/Grinnell TFX Minerva FieldServer Driver

FieldServer Driver - Serial

A communications interface solution for SimplexGrinnell


The SimplexGrinnell TFX Minerva driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data from a SimplexGrinnell TFX Minerva Fire Alarm System. The FieldServer connects using RS-232 to a TLT-530 with its Third Party Interface protocol. An RS-232 connection must be dedicated to the SimplexGrinnell Interface for each TLT-530 interface used (one per separate fire system). Using the SimplexGrinnell TFX Minerva Driver, the FieldServer should be considered a Server, allowing other clients to read states of other panels as well as generate events to the SimplexGrinnell TFX Minerva system.

Formal Driver Type: Serial, Client only

Connection type: RS-232 or RS-485 (half duplex)

Connection note: The FieldServer plugs into a TLT-530 board installed in a SimplexGrinnell TFX 500/800 fire alarm panel. The FieldServer appears as a node on the SimplexGrinnell Network.

Devices Tested:

  • SimplexGrinnell TFX 500/800 Fire Alarm Panel