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EST QuickStart FieldServer Driver

FieldServer Driver - Serial

A communications interface solution for EST


The EST QuickStart Serial driver allows the FieldServer to record data from Edwards System Technology QS1-2/4-8 and QSC Fire Panels over the RS-232 printer port. The FieldServer acts as a Passive Client receiving messages and updating its internal data arrays which records the status of devices connected to the EST QuickStart fire alarm control panel. The EST QuickStart panels currently do not support duplexed communications; therefore, this driver has only been designed to listen for messages passively and not to respond or to generate polls. The main purpose of the EST QuickStart driver is to record the status of Fire Alarm System points in bit oriented data arrays. It is limited by the information that the EST QuickStart control panels broadcasts in the form of text messages through its RS-232 printer port

Formal Driver Type: Serial, Client Only

Connection type: RS-232 Simplex

Devices Tested:

  • Edwards Systems Technology - European and American
  • EST QuickStart QS1-2/QS4-8 Addressable Panels
  • QSC Conventional Panel