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BACnet to Modbus Gateway & Converter

QuickServer LonWorks BACnet/IPCost effective, easy-to-use BTL Marked gateway to interface BACnet IP and Modbus TCP (Modbus TCP/IP), QuickServer can emulate BACnet as either a server or client. BACnet COV support for fast data communication while reducing traffic over a BACnet network. QuickServer supports multiple BACnet data types. QuickServer can act as a Modbus Client or Server and follows the Modbus-IDA specifications. In order to meet the needs of all Modbus users, the QuickServer Modbus TCP driver uses three models, 1) Modicon_5digit where addresses are defined in the 0xxxx, 3xxxx or 4xxxx formate with a maximum of 999 registers that can be mapped of each type, 2) ADU Application Data Unit address where addresses of each type are defined in the range 1-65536, or 3) PDU Protocol Data Unit address where addresses of each type are defined in that range 0-65535.

BACnet to LonWorks Gateway & Converter

LonWorks GatewayA multiport, high-capacity, feature-rich, proven LonMark Certified gateway interfacing BACnet/IP and LonWorks, the QuickServer Gateway can emulate BACnet as either a server or client. BACnet COV support for fast data communication while reducing traffic over a BACnet network. The FS-B35 Series FieldServer BACnet/IP - LonWorks gateway supports multiple BACnet data types. FieldServer can handle up to 1000 points in the basic configuration with LonWorks port plus multiple serial and Ethernet ports. LonWorks data transfer is via two basic functional blocks, Input and Output allowing Float and Word SNVT data types. The FS-B35 series can handle up to 4096 Network Variables which can be LonWorks Standard Network Variable Types (SNVT) and/or User-defined Network Variable Types (UNVT). Can be used with LonWorks explicit and/or implicit addressing and can be bound with up to 15 other LonWorks nodes.

BACnet to KNX Gateway & Converter

FieldServer's QuickServer gateway interfaces KNX with BACnet. QuickServer can emulate BACnet as either a server or client, including BACnet support for fast data communication. The device supports multiple BACnet data types and can transfer data (Network Variables) in two ways: 1) by polling other devices at regular intervals; or 2) by sending Network Variable updates at regular intervals, when data has changed, or, in throttled mode, using maximum and minimum send time and change on delta parameters.

QuickServer BACnet MS/TP to Metasys N2 by JCI

Proven, cost-effective, BTL Marked gateway interfacing BACnet MS/TP and Metasys N2 by Johnson Controls. BACnet COV support for fast data communication while reducing traffic over a BACnet network. QuickServer supports multiple BACnet data types. Able to interface up to 250 points (500 points with enhanced model) with multi-configuration capability.

FieldServer Technologies' Commitment to BACnet

As an early adapter of BACnet and charter member of BACnet International, .FieldServer Technologies has been very committed to the BACBACnetnet world since the late 90’s, with ongoing updates to our implementation of BACnet objects and services in support of customers. FieldServer has recently added Trend Log objects to their BACnet offering, which allow on-device logging of customer-selected values.

The FieldServer can act as a BACnet client or BACnet server, or both. This is extremely useful when bridging between BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP networks, where the FieldServer can act as a data cache, shielding the low bandwidth MS/TP network from the high-bandwidth IP network while allowing high-throughput SCADA updates.

FieldServer has prioritized support of BACnet services that achieve fast response times while keeping bandwidth utilization low. This is achieved through the following BACnet services:

  • Event Notifications (Intrinsic Alarms)
  • COV Notifications
  • WritePropertyMultiple
  • ReadPropertyMultiple

FieldServer supports the creation of multiple virtual BACnet devices on a single physical device. This allows for an intuitive mapping of a field network containing many devices into a BACnet interface with a corresponding selection of devices.

FieldServer continues to have its BACnet implementation go through BTL (BACnet Test Laboratory) approval to ensure international acceptance. The latest BACnet implementation is currently going through BTL testing.

Applications using FieldServer BACnet solutions :

FieldServer Technologies BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance (PIC) Statements

BACnet Testing Laboratories

BACnet International established the BACnet Testing Laboratories to publish the BTL Implementation Guidelines and to test products to be awared the BTL mark. The BTL mark is a

BTL Marked Products
QuickServer FS-QS-1010
ProtoNode RER
ProtoCarrier FPC-CD2

symbol that indicates to a consumer that a product has passed a series of rigorous tests conducted by an independent laboratory which verifies that the product correctly implements the BACnet features claimed in the listing.  The mark is a symbol of a high-quality BACnet product.  For more information about the BACnet Testing Laboratories go to:

The QuickServer FS-QS-1010, ProtoNode RER and ProtoCarrier/ProtoCessor FPC-CD2 have been awarded the BTL Mark for both BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP.

BACnet Protocol

BACnet is "a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks." A data communication protocol is a set of rules developed by the BACnet committee at ASHRAE governing the exchange of data over a computer network. The rules take the form of a written specification that spells out what is required to conform to the protocol.

There are 5 different options for BACnet, each of which fills a particular niche in terms of the price/performance tradeoff. The first is Ethernet, the fastest at 10 Mbps with 100 Mbps also recently available. ("Mbps" stands for "millions of bits per second.") Ethernet is also likely to be the most expensive in terms of cost per device.

There are two forms of BACnet for Ethernet. One is called BACnet Ethernet for dedicated BACnet lines and there is also a BACnet for TCP called BACnet IP which can run on a non-dedicated Ethernet line. Next comes BACnet ARCNET at 2.5 Mbps. Both Ethernet and ARCNET can use a variety of physical media ñ coaxial cable, twisted pairs, even fiber optic cable.

For devices with lower requirements in terms of speed, BACnet defines the BACnet MS/TP (master-slave/token-passing) network designed to run at speeds of 1 Mbps or less over twisted pair wiring (RS-485). All of these networks are examples of "local area networks" or LANs. BACnet also defines a dial-up or "point-to-point" protocol called BACnet PTP for use over phone lines or hardwired RS-232 connections. A key point is that BACnet messages can, in principle, be transported by any network technology, if and when it becomes cost-effective to do so and FieldServer Technologies has the drivers available for all forms of BACnet.

BACnet Protocol Solutions from FieldServer Technologies

AN005 -- Applying FieldServers in Building Automation Applications

AN009 – BACnet Protocols Supported by FieldServers

BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) - FieldServer Gateways

Links – The official website of ASHRAE SSPC 135 providing the latest information on BACnet

BACnet International
- An organization that encourages the successful use of BACnet in building automation and control systems through interoperability.

BIG-EU - BACnet Interest Group - Europe

Site of the organization that developed BACnet, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.